"The Best Photography Courses in London"

Weekend workshops on how to get the best out of your camera.


I’d read my camera’s instruction manual and several practical photography books but apertures and shutter speeds were still a mystery to me. So I decided it was time for professional help and signed up a for a weekend-long intensive course.


Photographer Nigel Wilson runs weekend photography workshops in central London. It’s 10am on Saturday morning and most of us in the class have each sheepishly admitted to relying on our camera’s automatic settings to take photos. The only course requirement is that you have a digital or film SLR camera – there are plenty of spare cameras for those without.

Saturday is spent in the classroom covering all the basics of camera controls: apertures, F-stops, depth of field, shutter speed and better composition. Other areas covered include essential lenses, flashguns filters plus tips on how to improve our landscape and portrait photography.


There’s a lot to take in but Wilson allows plenty of time to ask questions, carefully reiterates important information and gives us a full set of handouts to take home.


On Sunday, following a brief recap, we head outside to put the theory into practice. During our photo project, we change depth of field to give a either a blurry or sharp background and alter the shutter speed to see the effects on movement.


I keep forgetting which F-stop I need to use but feel like I’m grasping the fundamentals of shutter speed as I take shots of a squirrel bounding across the grass. In the afternoon we scrutinize our prints. My shutter speed photos are far from exemplary – the squirrel is a grey smudge on blurred grass- but I have a batch of photos demonstrating my success at varying the depth of field.


Wilson’s course is fun, packed with useful information, doesn’t overdo the theory and fits into the schedules of those too busy to commit to a more lengthy course.


Despite our initial struggles to control our cameras, we all leave with one resolve: never to rely on the ‘auto’ setting again. Camera tamed! 


Kathryn Miller - Time Out Magazine

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