THE UNDERSTANDING YOUR CAMERA COURSE £95 - Online or Classroom (London)

"A brilliant workshop. I feel confident, enthused and ambitious!" 

You may just be starting out with your camera and would like to get a clearer understanding of your camera controls. Perhaps you have decided it is time to leave your automatic 'point and shoot ' modes behind and unleash the creative potential of your camera. Or you may have some understanding of technique but need to brush up on your knowledge and rekindle your passion for photography. The award winning one day Course is an intensive and comprehensive workshop which will transform the quality of your photographs.


Shooting on fully automatic 'modes' is very restrictive in terms of the creative results you can acheive.

Taking control of aperture and shutter speed is absolutely fundamental if you wish to improve your photography. These topics, amongst others, are clearly explained in an easy to understand, straightforward manner. By the end of the day, you will be MAKING photographs rather than simply taking them!


- Aperture & Depth of Field

- Shutter Speed

- Lenses

- Composition

- Lighting


  • Saturday 21st May - ZOOM

  • Wednesday 14th September - ZOOM

  • Monday 28th November - ZOOM

Stunning travel photograph by Nigel Wilson Photography Course student


£95 - Online

"A fantastic workshop which has hugely improved my portraiture skills"


Drawing inspiration from some of the most important and ground breaking photographers, you will learn a variety of camera techniques and approaches that will bring the most out of your portraiture. 

We will analyse the work of Martin Parr, Jane Bown, Richard Avedon, Steve McCurry and many others to explore in detail the dynamic between photographer and sitter. 

- Technical considerations

- Equipment, including essential lenses

- Exploring light. Natural v Artificial 

- Inspirational portraiture styles. Learning from the greats 

- Considering context

By the end of this intensive workshop, you will have more confidence in your portraiture, both technically and on how to approach your subjects in this popular genre.

On this course, some understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO would be beneficial



  • Saturday 25th June - ZOOM

  • Monday 17th October - ZOOM

  • Monday 12th December - ZOOM


Great portrait photography


£95 - Online or Classroom (London)

"An inspirational class - I can't believe how much I've learned!"

Travelling and photography is the perfect partnership. Nothing can be more rewarding (or frustrating!) than trying to capture a memorable place or event.

This course will provide you with the technical and compositional skills to dramatically improve your images.


We will review samples of your work, so that we can pinpoint where mistakes and successes have been made. The ability to constructively critique your own work is crucial to improving your shots.

Whilst concentrating on Travel Photography, this intermediate course is aimed at anyone who would like to improve their photographic awareness and critiquing skills.

We will look at many outstanding examples of travel photography and break down exactly how the photographer has achieved the image, both technically and aesthetically. 

This course is guaranteed to ensure that the places you visit will remain truly memorable!


- Lenses and equipment

- Essential and speciality Filters

- Achieving good composition

- Coping with difficult lighting situations

- Landscape and Cityscape techniques

- Shooting buildings, including interiors

- Night photography, including lightning, fireworks & northern lights 

- People

- Wildlife

This course is suitable for students with some understanding of aperture and shutter speed. This is the perfect follow up to the Understanding your Camera workshop!


  • Monday 23rd May - ZOOM

  • Monday 26th September - ZOOM

  • Wednesday 16th November - ZOOM

Man on bicycle silhouette photograph on Nigel Wilson workshop

'The Illuminated River Project'


"A wonderfully relaxed evening, taking truly spectacular images!"

The Illuminated River Project

Illuminated River is a long-term art installation transforming the Thames at night with an orchestrated series of light works that span nine bridges in central London. Its subtly moving sequences of LED light symbolically unify the Thames bridges, drawing inspiration from the spirit and history of the river and from the architectural and engineering heritage of its bridges.

An evenings photographic adventure along the river!


  • Wednesday 21st September 

  • Wednesday 12th October

  • Wednesday 9th November

  • Wednesday 30th November

  • Wednesday 7th December


"A few hours of private tuition, tailored to my specific needs, was

invaluable in supporting my ambition and creative direction."

Personal tuition is specifically tailored to a photographer's needs. This can include:

  • An in-depth review and critique of images

  • Explanation of technique and application

  • Going out to shoot and a review of photographs afterwards

  • Aesthetic considerations in photography

  • ​Private tuition can be one to one or a small group

Please contact me for full details and rates.

A girl popping a bubble taken by a student on Nigel Wilson photography course in London
A student learning how to use a digital SLR on an Nigel Wilson course in London



Dream-like long exposures made easy on a great day out.

With the use of neutral density filters, it is possible to take very long exposures even in bright conditions.

This one day on location workshops in Brighton or London will explain the exact techniques required to create stunning ethereal images.

Spare filters available!



  • Saturday 11th June - Brighton

  • Saturday 18th June - London

  • Saturday 23rd July - London

  • Saturday 13th August - London

  • Saturday 27th August - Brighton

  • Saturday 8th October - Brighton

  • Saturday 26th November - London

  • Saturday 3rd December - Brighton



£95 - Online

" A great exploration of this fascinating genre of photography"

On this new on-line course will be looking at experimental and conceptual image makers and how you can apply some of their techniques to your own work.

There is a rich creative tradition of abstraction in photography and you will have the opportunity to examine and discuss in detail the work of practitioners of this fascinating genre, these include:

  • Wolfgang Tillmans

  • Cig Harvey

  • Aaron Siskind

  • Man Ray

  • Thomas Ruff

Influenced by these great artists, you will then experiment with abstraction and create your own images which will then be reviewed in the class.



  • Wednesday 25th May

  • Wednesday 20th July

  • Monday 19th September

  • Wednesday 23rd November 


£95 - Online

"A fascinating dive into some amazing photographers"

We will explore the work of some of the most influential and game changing photographers, including:

  • Edward Weston

  • Arnold Newman

  • Vivien Maier

  • Jane Bown

  • Martin Parr

You will also be shooting a project which we will review in the online class.



  • Thursday 26th May

  • Thursday 7th July

Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 17.00.01.png


£95 - Online

More extraordinary photographers and their amazing legacies.

In this class we will look at the work of:

  • Gordon Parks

  • Dorothea Lange 

  • Mary Ellen Mark

  • Philip Lorca diCorcia

  • Alfred Stieglitz​

You will also be shooting a project which we will review in the online class.



  • Monday 6th June

  • Monday 5th September

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 22.51.53.png


£95 - Online

"If you look closely enough, it is possible to

take an interesting photograph of anything"

(Garry Winogrand)

The magical world of close up macro photography.

On this one day course, you will learn how to use your camera and lens to produce stunning images.

You will also understand how lighting (natural and artificial) plus good composition and pin-point focusing can transform your shots. We will also cover how to use 'focus stacking' in your macro work.

A packed day of learning of shooting!



  • Wednesday 15th June

  • Monday 22nd August

  • Wednesday 12th October

  • Wednesday 7th December


"Nigel ran photography workshops for our staff, to help us improve the quality of our visual output. Nigel is responsive, highly personable, and a great instructor."

Working with many leading companies such as SwissRe, The Flamingo Group and Herbert Smith Freehills, we have the experience to put together a bespoke photography teaching experience for any size of group at your company.

Please contact me for further details and rates.

52F Nigel-2012496.jpg


“What a brilliant day out it was! So easy to get to and an amazing experience." 


After a long wait, we are very excited to be revisiting one of our favourite locations  - the fabulous British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey. The workshop fee includes a short Zoom meeting prior to the day when we will discuss technique and equipment.

On our photography day, the centre is closed to the public allowing us exclusive close up access to their amazing collection of British wildlife!

Please contact me for full details of this highlight of our calendar.



  • Weds 7th September

  • Weds 19th October

17 Owl Ap.jpeg